London’s darkest, eeriest and most atmospheric courtyards and passageways…

Five years ago I wrote a workshop based on a style of photography that is very dear to my heart. The kind that evokes mood and atmosphere, the beauty and sometimes the ugliness of a London that most would never dare to visit alone…

Along that journey, I have had both the pleasure and the privilege to meet some wonderful people…many who I consider to be my friends. I have also been blessed with having an amazing opportunity to work with two of the biggest names in the business, my very good friends and eminent photographers; Doug Chinnery and Terry Gibbins. It really has been a fantastic adventure..

So, to celebrate our fifth year of Secret London, Terry and I thought it would be a nice time to write an anniversary workshop…a sort of ‘best of’ tour if you like. 

Many clients have asked for this, a mix of the ‘original Secret London and our current Secret London II locations. It’s been a tall order to get the logistics right but we’ve done it…the night will be amazing!

Join me for a night of image making at some of London’s darkest, eeriest and most atmospheric courtyards and passageways…and of course, it wouldn’t be one of my workshops if there wasn’t one or two lovely gaslights!

We meet at 21:00 hrs at Kings Cross Station. Working through the night into the early hours of the morning and finish at approximately 06:00 hrs where we will drop you back to Kings Cross for your journey home.

We’ll help you get to grips with the basics of night photography and be on hand to help you master this specialist genre of photography and demystify the techniques involved to get you capturing some fantastic images.

Garry will effortlessly transport us around all night in his iconic black cab leaving us as much time as you need at each location to hone your skills.

So, all you have to worry about is taking fantastic images all night! We will of course be making a couple of stops for some well deserved refreshments.

All of our workshops and tours are suitable for complete beginners right through to seasoned professionals. We advise Digital or Film equipment to be the most suitable medium for our night photography workshops. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding kit.

Everything is in place for an awesome night; I hope you can join us. 


Please email us if you would like to add your details to the waiting list for this workshop.



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All Refreshments

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Thanks for another great workshop…

“Very different from the first Secret London but just as good.  The locations were more challenging though that is no bad thing in my view.  You and Terry are such good workshop leaders - always there to help and make suggestions but also allowing us to just get on with it and try out our own ideas. I would like to do this again especially if you have a wet one planned (not pouring down!)”. 

- Margaret

The whole night was well organised and well researched…

Yet another great night spent wandering the streets of London with Gilliatt and Gibbins. The whole night was well organised and well researched allowing plenty of time at each of the atmospheric locations to take plenty of images without any rush. Refreshment breaks were also timely and welcome. Both Charlotte and Terry offered plenty of photographic assistance, advice and ideas if needed. This is such a unique  tour and it is one which one would not necessarily attempt on one’s own at night. They make a great team! - Davina

Thanks again for your brilliant photo session…

 “I learned a great deal about night-time photography, and I think I've bagged a few choice shots too (even on my vintage Canon EOS-20D!).  Both Sean and myself flaked out on the train back to Loughborough, but it was all very worthwhile”.




Images ©Charlotte Gilliatt & ©Terry Gibbins