“I loved the locations..”

Thanks for a fantastic course - one of the most enjoyable I have ever attended.   I loved the locations.  It must have taken some time to find them all.  I have not done much night photography in the past and now I cannot understand why not.  It has a certain magic and simplicity that i really like and I know I have to do more!   My aims for the course were to get to grips with night photography and have one image I really liked.  Amazingly, for me, I have a number of keepers.  Of course, this might be more to do with your excellent locations than my skills!  - Margaret

“A great night shoot”

What a fantastic night workshop I had last Friday/Saturday.

It was great to visit so many really interesting locations and the images look stunning on the laptop! Thanks for a great night shoot and to your team! - Keith


Thanks for helping me to re-discover my 'mojo'. Apart from family and holiday 'snapps'. My last 'serious photo shoot was my final degree project almost 10 years ago.

It was a fun night. You were right, I should share my passion with fellow photographers. I hope I am able to select a cohesive set of images to illustrate the workshop. - Tom


“The organisation was faultless.”

Thank you both so much for such a fun night in London on Friday/Saturday. The organisation was faultless. I love trying different things and this certainly took me out of my comfort zone. The locations were amazing and so atmospheric; I just hope my images can do them justice. - Davina

Just a short note to thank you both for your efforts in making the workshop on Friday/Saturday so enjoyable, and beneficial. You managed to generate a relaxed , laid back atmosphere so everyone could have fun and still learn, and yes take a few pictures! The other attendees were great, good to meet them and pick up on their take on various aspects of photographic life. It is no surprise that these workshops are so popular, I would certainly like to attend another as does a friend of mine now”!
— Cive

“Learnt a lot.”

Charlotte & Terry - Thanks again for the workshop, really enjoyed it - a different type of photography than I usually do and I learnt a lot, I will certainly be trying it more often - and so hopefully I will be meeting both of you again. - Andrew


“Awe inspiring evening...”

Firstly many apologies I've taken to so long to get back to you but just wanted to say a huge thank you for a totally awe inspiring evening last Friday 3 March. The course was so inspirational and I learnt such a lot from both of you. Think I have a few keepers and would really love to do the course again sometime. Again many many thanks. - Janice

“A fun adventure!”

I had such a good time last Friday night! Thank you for the wonderful workshop and amazing evening. I must admit I started to flag about 4 ish, but it was really a fun adventure. - Laurie

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